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Is 8-plates superior to staples in the treatment of idiopathic genu valgus? A randomized clinical study DOS Annual Meeting October 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Submitted.
Gottliebsen M, Rahbek O, Hvid I, Davidsen M, Hellfritzsch MB, Møller-Madsen B: Is 8-plates superior... read more
Group participation at 31st EPOS Annual Meeting in Helsinki 18.04 – 21.04.2012
Abstracts accepted for the conference: Oral presentation Growth control of long bones can be achieve... read more
SMOP: Sociedad Mexicana de Ortopedia Pediatrica 18.11 – 21.11. 2011
At the SMOP (Sociedad Mexicana de Ortopedia Pediatrica) in Cancun, Mexico 18.11 – 21.11.2011 PhD-s... read more
EFORT: Copenhagen 01.06 – 04.06.2011
Ole Rahbek was moderator on the Free Paper Session “Paediatric Trauma and Deformity Correction... read more
EPOS: Basel meeting 07 – 09 April 2011
At the European Pediatric Orthopaedic Society (EPOS) meeting april 7 – april 9 in Basel, Schwi... read more
AAOS: San Diego 15 – 19 feb 2011
Growth Plate Flow and Metabolism Screening Using MR: A New Application for Specialized MR Sequences.... read more